Many creations are thought concepts. Eastern culture speaks of the presence and inner silence as the absence of mental activity. According to them, in the silence of this presence lies all that is to be known. All the rest being concept.

Spontaneous painting is a meditation. It’s a breath. The plot is the expression (of expiration). It induces the inspiration from which the following expiration follows. The painting is discovered step by step, it is built under the eye of the painter who perceives the evolution of this meditation in action.

The painting is revealed progressively to which the time of presence is given. These paintings are meditation supports.


Draw while watching the drawing evolve. It has subjugated and occupied X.OTT since childhood.

To paint thus took him years.

For him, “the painting paint the painting”. He did really see it until after.

His work is an invitation to travel, his paintings dazzle the multitude of things that happen all the time. Things of which we are aware, but which we can not perceive simultaneously.
It gives to see paintings impossible to embrace at a glance. To see them all, it takes time to circulate everywhere, and this requires changing several times from one point of view.

This time is a present, a gift, an experience where philosophy and spirituality interact with the actuality and simultaneously with the consciousness of each one.

“Does vision

create thought?

Does thought

create vision? “


Picasso thought, “If you know exactly what you’re going to do, what’s the point?”

F. Bacon said that “to imagine extraordinary scenes, is not interesting from the point of view of painting, and that it leads to nothing. That the true imagination is constructed by the technical imagination … So that it is necessary to paint and see the work come in the work and not imagine it in advance “.