« WHAT COMES » (cultural influences)

The only sentence I remember from childhood is « Know how to see beauty in everything, my son »

Very early I was impressed by works of art. Some made me aware of new original perceptions. Amongst all I predered Chagall, Alechinsky and Escher. Others terrified me : Otto Dix, Jérôme Bosch.
Giacometti made me aware that life is a path where one is constantly on the edge of balance-unbalance. I felt that living implies being an acrobat not necessarily an unbalanced person.

Since then, I have absorbed many artistic approaches . The ones that comforted me and led to represent my perceptions are : Rothko’s ray of light on the horizon, light’s rustle in Van Gogh work and Joseph Beuys’ sentence : « Every man is an artist».